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Products List
• Sodium Sulfite
• Sodium metabisulfite
• Sodium bisulfite
• Sodium acetate
• Formic acid
• Sodium Formate
Contact Us
Contact: Li fengqin 13964476688
Tel: +86-533-5188093 5131988
Fax:+ 86533-5131889
E-mail: jingxihg@126.com
Add: Chengnan Industrial Park, Xiwanhuan, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong, China
About Us

Zibo Yongye Fine Chemical Limited Liability Company is a professional manufacturer of fine chemicals. It has over 20 years of experience in chemical industry. Nowadays it is a manufacturer of anhydrous sodium sulfite, sodium pyrosulfite, sodium hydrogen sulfite, natrium aceticum, pigment paste and other chemicals with large output and at high quality. There are complete facilities. Our principle is “customer first and reputation first”. Zibo Yongye Fine Chemical is located in Zibo, hometown of Pu Songling, in scenic middle Shandong region. Our company is in Chengnan Town, enjoying convenient transportation. There is G205 across.

Zhang Qiji, our general manager would like to create brilliance together with new and old friends.

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